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how to make ghee in instant pot

Instant Pot Ghee

Instant Pot Ghee is the best purest homemade ghee with a rich nutty taste and a beautiful aroma. Homemade ghee is also much cheaper than the store bought version.
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Course: Condiment
Cuisine: Indian
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Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 41 ounces
Calories: 2168kcal
Author: Meghna
Cost: $10



  • Add the Butter blocks or slabs to the Inner steel pot of the Instant Pot. Close the lid seal the valve and PRESSURE COOK on HIGH for 12 mins.
  • Once the cooking cycle is over do a quick pressure release and open the lid of the pot. Also, CANCEL the PRESSURE COOK option. This step is totally OPTIONAL. You may however, melt the butter by hitting the SAUTE mode as well. The melted butter will look opaque.
  • Now, set the instant pot on SAUTE and keep it on NORMAL. Simmer the butter. The butter will gradually change from opaque to translucent. A layer of foam will form on the surface (imagine soap scum); Skim off the top foam with the help of a spoon. Repeat this step several times.
  • Simmer the butter more (10-12 mins approx.). You will notice milk solids separating and settling down. The translucent butter will gradually become completely transparent with a pale golden hue. This is known as the Clarified Butter and not ghee. The pale yellow milk solids will begin to sink at the bottom of the pot. Do not stop cooking at this stage, ghee is just a few simmers away!
  • Now, reduce the temperature of the Instant Pot to LOW. Cook the clarified butter for another 10-15 mins. Skim off any foam layer from the surface with the help of a spoon. Repeat this often. You'll notice that the milk solids will just begin to turn golden brown.
  • Immediately turn off the Instant Pot. The clarified butter will continue cooking with the help of the residual heat and after 10-12 mins you'll end up with a pot of liquid gold - absolutely nutty, fragrant golden ghee with a crystal clear consistency and a rich golden color. The milk solids will become dark brown in color, this is what will give the homemade ghee a rich nutty flavor.
  • Allow the ghee to completely cool down. Than strain the ghee through a fine mesh sieve, tea strainer or a fine muslin cloth. Store in dry glass jars with lid on in a cool dark moisture free place and away from any heat source.



  1. Measuring Units used, 1 Cup = 240 ml and 1 teaspoon = 5 ml.
  2. Todays Recipe Yeilds: 41 Ounces or 1,1163 grams Pure Golden Ghee. I used 2 pounds unsalted organic Butter from Costco (Kirkland).
  3. Keep the heat consistent and low to get the best grainy textured Ghee. 
  4. Want Smooth and Creamy Ghee? Cook the butter on high and skim off any foam that forms at the surface.
  5. Is Brown Ghee bad? No it is not. It's just more intense with a deep nutty toasted flavor and aroma. It has more caramelized notes, imagine toffee. We love this ghee a lot.
  6. Spluttering butter is it normal? Yes, it's normal, when you'll cook the butter it will splutter a lot because butter contains a good amount of water. However, organic butter contains less water and hence, splutters a lot less.
  7. White ghee, what's wrong? Ghee made from Buffalo milk butter or buffalo milk (available widely in India) is white in color. And ghee that's under cooked is white in color as well. Cook the butter well until the milk solids sinks at the bottom of the pot and become nicely brown in color. That's when you'll have golden ghee that's absolutely amazing.
  8. Ghee can be made from both salted and unsalted butter. Salted butter will yeild less ghee as compared to unsalted butter.
  9. STORING TIPS: Store ghee in dry, clean, moisture free air tight glass jars or earthen pots. Store the jars and pots in a dry, dark place away from any heat source.
  10. SHELF LIFE: Lasts for 6 months on the counter top when unopened, lasts for 3 months on the counter top when opened. 
  11. Lasts for 1 year in the refrigerator.
  12. Lasts couple of years or for an indifinite amount of time when frozen.
  13. How to use the left over brown milk solids? Use them in soup recipes, to knead dough, in Indian Dal recipes and curries. Kids in India sometimes relish the brown milk solids as such with a generous dose of sugar.
  14. The right consistency of GHEE? It depends on the ambient temperature of the place where you choose to store the ghee. Ghee remains liquid at warmer, hot regions/climates. It may have a runny surface and a semi solid center. Ghee becomes solid at colder climates/regions. Don't worry if your homemade ghee passes through different consistencies throughout the whole year :D
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Nutrition Facts
Instant Pot Ghee
Amount Per Serving
Calories 2168 Calories from Fat 2205
% Daily Value*
Fat 245g377%
Saturated Fat 155g969%
Cholesterol 650mg217%
Sodium 2159mg94%
Potassium 73mg2%
Carbohydrates 1g0%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 7557IU151%
Calcium 73mg7%
Iron 1mg6%
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Calories: 2168kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 245g | Saturated Fat: 155g | Cholesterol: 650mg | Sodium: 2159mg | Potassium: 73mg | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 7557IU | Calcium: 73mg | Iron: 1mg